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Thursday, August 28, 2014


Colours! Colours! Colours!
Everywhere there are colours,
Look at the butterfly!
In it’s body different colours lie,
How sweet a flower looks!
When with different colours it blooms!
Why do the insects sit on flowers?
Because they get attracted due to the colour!
Colours define life,
Without colours our life would
be just black and white.

     Jr. KG. Section at WIS celebrated the colours of life beginning from 19th August 2014 to 27th August 2014. Colours play an important part of our lives. Colours can influence your mood, feelings and emotions.
     This week our children came to school not only wearing smiles on their faces, but also different coloured clothes as a part of “Colour Week Celebrations”. Teachers and children wore the attires matching the colour which was being celebrated on that particular day. All these days were lined up with fun-filled activities for the children, from experimenting with mixing colours to making colourful magnifying glasses, rainbows and learning about all the different colours on the way. They also learnt to classify colours into Primary and Secondary.
Children enthusiastically shared with the teachers about their favourite objects which was then drawn on shape cut-outs that represented the colour being celebrated.
    It was indeed a colourful week !!!



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