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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Field Trip to Hair Salon - Jr Kg (2014-15) at Witty World

Angel of beauty,
my guardian dear,
Banish bad hair days from the beauty shop here,
guide my hands as I cut and style,
help me work miracles with skill and
A Smile

In the good old days, when we felt the need for a hair cut ,we approached the local barber who gave us a functional,” no frills attached” hair cut which served the basic purpose of keeping hair at a manageable length. Today however ‘Hair Dressers’ are known to be creative trend setters and fashion stylists, whose skill gives people confidence in the way they look. They work their magic, armed with no more than a pair of scissors and a comb.
Hair dressing is today a lucrative and respectable profession, pursued by many.

As an extension of their theme for the month { community helpers}children of Jr. K.G. were taken for a field trip to a renowned  hair salon ‘Big Boss’ at Borivali. The proprietor, Mr.Harish Bhatia, an artistic, creative and well renowned personality in the beauty industry is also a Guinness Book world record holder.He spoke to the children at length about the do’s and dont’s of  hair care, and how healthy hair is a natural extension of overall good health.
Children loved the personalised care and attention they received, especially those who opted to have their hair styled by experts .



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