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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Field Trip to Supermarket -Jr Kg at Witty World

They have everything that you could want and so much more
Thats what I love about the Super store. .
It’s so hard to keep my hands inside the cart,
but I better try, or mom won't bring me back any more.
The world is your classroom. Learning can — and should — happen everywhere. Further, a great way to get students excited about a topic you are teaching is to take them on a field trip that reinforces what they are studying.
With this belief in mind Jr. K.G. students of Witty World were taken to Spencer’s supermarket, where they had a hands-on experience.
The Spencer’s supermarket was an excellent choice for a field trip, especially for younger children as they could connect to the food that they consume. The children were awed by the array of articles displayed for sale in various sections such as cosmetics, toiletries, stationery, groceries, bakery, provisions, frozen zone and the speciality food sections.
 Visiting the supermarket also provided an opportunity to learn about nutrition, math, measurements and occupations.



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