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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Janmashtami Workshop for Sr.Kg (WIS & Witty World) by Magic Touch

                                                        Jai KanhaiyaLalKi !!
Sr KG students were treated to a most entertaining workshop, on the festival of Janmashtami.  A very informative and fun dramatization was performed by the team of Magic Touch, which laid emphasis on the birth and fun filled life of Lord Krishna in Gokul. The auditorium at Witty World   was tastefully  decorated with colourful flowers,  a decorated Matki as well the beautiful cradle of baby lord Krishna. The exciting journey of lord Krishna from his birth place Mathura, to his fun –filled youthful escapades   in Gokul, was portrayed  through entertaining songs, dance and drama.. The  auditorium resonated with the excited singing and chatter of children, as they danced and swayed to the  chants of,” Jai Shree Krishna”, at the end of a  very interactive  act put up by the enthusiastic team of Magic Touch.

The children also had a hands on experience of cradling baby lord Krishna in his little cradle . All in all it was an insightful and yet fun peek into the mischievous days of lord Krishna and his village folks at Gokul. 



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