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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Best Assembly Award at WIS, Udaipur

With the intention to motivate our students and the community at large to understand the value of our culture, and to appreciate our heroes who have made substantial difference in the humanity, special morning assemblies are being held in the School consistently. The team which presents the best assembly is acknowledged by receiving a certificate from the Principal.
In the month of April, the “Best Assembly Award” was given to the students of Grade 8 which depicted the festival of Baisakhi.  Assembly for “Van Mahotsav” presented by grade 6 was awarded as the best in the month of May. In July, students of Grade 9 and Grade 8 were considered best for their French and Hariyali amavasya assemblies respectively. August brought Janmashtami. Little students of Grade 2 were given the award of “The Best Assembly” for their ingenious effort for putting it all together. Ganpati Mahotsav presented by Grade 5 was awarded as the “The Best Assembly” in the month of August. The certificates given to these Grades will be displayed around the year in their classes. This should encourage them to create something wonderful in future as well. WIS Udaipur is grateful for all the teachers and the assembly coordinators for bringing out best in their students. 



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