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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Derek’s YiPPee Challenge Secondary Section ( 2014 - 15) WIS, Malad


Derek’s YiPPee Challenge at Witty International School

Bearing in mind the social and all-round development of students, Witty International School yet did it again! The Middle school section took part in a frothy Quiz Contest – Derek’s YiPPee Challenge held by Derek O’Brien & Associates on Tuesday 23rd September, 2014 for Grades 5 -7.

The school itself had conducted the pre-elimination round from which emerged the 12 deserving participants for the final Intra-round level of the Quiz. The audience was also given a chance to participate in the competition as the quiz master, Mr. Ezekiel, asked them questions after every round. The 4 teams answered a series of questions related to Logical Reasoning and Memory. It was conducted in 5 phases, namely, Round 1 – Go YiPPee, Round 2 – Think Better, Round 3 – Try to Remember, Round 4 – The Longer the Better and finally the Rapid Fire Round which was the final deciding factor.

At the outset an All-Rounder certificate of Achievement was presented to a well deserving student; Ms. Vanshika Doshi (Grade 7) for her overall performance in curricular and extra-curricular activities.

Kushal Modi (Grade 5), Sarvesh Sashikumar (Grade 6) and Sahil Javeri (Grade 7) emerged as the winning team. There was a healthy competition amongst the 4 teams not forgetting the outcome which was a great learning experience for the children as they enjoyed the quiz a lot and took home a tremendous amount of knowledge.



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