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Friday, September 26, 2014

Dress Me Up - Community Helpers in Sr.Kg (2014-15) at Witty World

The librarian in the town says "Read a book, Read a book, Read a book"
The librarian in the town says "read a book" all day long
The firefighter says stop drop roll.
The teacher says let's learn something.
The carpenter builds lots of things.
The mail carrier brings the mail.
The doctor makes you well.

Witty World welcomed little community helpers today as the Sr. Kg students came geared upfor their “dress me up” as a doctor, pilot, teacher ,vegetable vendor,milkman and policemen. They confidently used the mini podium to speak about the community helper that they were representing. What made the event even more fun was the fact that they were accompanied by their music teacher who played the guitar and encouraged the children to sing rhymes about community helpers.



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