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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Street Safety Rules in Nursery (2014-15) at Witty World

Red light, red light,
What do you say?
I say stop, stop right away.
Yellow light, yellow light,
What do you say?
I say wait, wait right away.
Green light, green light,
What do you say?
I say go, go right away.

Experience, they say , is the best teacher. So, if children have to learn to respect traffic rules, they need to understand and experience them first hand. That  is precisely why teachers of the nursery class at Witty World set up an entire traffic island  with signals, zebra crossing and vehichles, so children could get a real feel of why it is important to obey traffic rules.

The children of course thoroughly enjoyed the experience, especially the ,STOP, GET READY,  GO game they played with traffic signal cut-outs.



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