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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Introduction of Bear (Nursery) WKSN, Bhilwara 10.11.2014

The little ones of Nursery at Witty Kids, Bhilwara were introduced to wild animal Bear on Monday, 10.11.2014, Children were introduced to bear who lives in the forest with it,s family. Teacher created a jungle scene and cave to become familiar with the concept. Bears are black or brown in colour, Have soft fur all over the body, with 2 eyes, 2 furry ears, 1 shiny nose and 4 legs. Bear loves to eat honey, fruits like berries and grass. Bears go for a long sleep during very cold climate. Children enjoyed making bear face mask and stuck ears, nose, eyes, lips and wool to give furry look. Children were very excited wearing bear  face mask and enacting on the action rhymes on bear hunt.



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