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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Students of WIS Bhilwara showed great interest in Philately (20.11.14)

Stamp collection is a good hobby, a useful pass time. Stamps collection helps the collectors and viewers to know about the various aspects of life, philosophy, great men and women, culture, festivals, folks, traditions, resources, progress in industries, science and technology of various countries during the different periods of history.
Today at WIS Bhilwara students of Grade I to VII got a wonderful opportunity to watch the stamp collection of Mr J.V.Israni from Delhi. He is 72 years of age and is a proud owner of collection of more than 27,000 stamps of 187 countries including India.
Students were amazed to see his stamp collection on different themes such as leaders, presidents, prime ministers, flowers, railways, boats, costumes, transportation, Olympics, monuments, animals etc.  Students were very curious to learn more about Philately. Mr J. V. Israni interacted with our young students and told them the importance of this hobby.

Thanks to Mr J.V. Israni for the display of his rarest collection in our school.



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