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Monday, November 17, 2014

Witty Township at Witty World

Shop a little, bake a little,
Make your treat.
Hop a little, drive a little ,
Down the Witty Streets.
Bend a little, stretch a little,
In the Witty Gym.
Read a little, dance a little,
Then watch a film.
In keeping with our  philosophy of, “DISCOVERY WITH ACTION”, Witty World hosted an edutainment event, “WITTY TOWNSHIP”, as a special Children’s Day Treat.
WITTY TOWNSHIP........ a magical, child size, integrated township where  children got a hands – on experience of the various aspects of community living.   They drove on a traffic island, following basic traffic rules,{ learning to be good future citizens,} and shopped for their own fruits, vegetables, flowers, and dairy products, at the WITTY FARMER’S MARKET.
Art, culture, Entertainment were  all an Integral part of this Township experience, so children decorated their own muffins at the Witty Bistro, participated in Mural painting at the Witty Centre for Art & culture, and got to see their favourite characters in action during the screening of Goldilocks & The Three Bears at  WITTY PLEX....the cinema hall.

Activities galore ,fun unlimited and learning for life,..... that’s what the  children took home from this wonderful initiative!!!



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