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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Witty Town at Witty International School, Bhilwara (07.12.2014)

In the past several decades the education system has undergone revolutionary changes. In contrast to the transmission-of-knowledge model of teaching, the education focuses on newer understanding of how the people learn and aims at developing 'thinking' students who understand and can use what they learn. The learners are no more the passive recipients of the knowledge but are active constructionists of the concepts. This newer conception helps the students to develop their analytical and problem solving skills.
To give an experience of a city and knowing about the services that help us to live our lives comfortably, WIS Bhilwara created a 'Witty Town' on its premises on 7th December. The children could operate through their own ATM cards, took their own tickets to enjoy a movie in the theatre, wrote and posted letters in the letter boxes decorated muffins, churned milk to get butter and got involved in many more activities. Parents enjoyed seeing their wards living up their dreams.



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