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Thursday, January 29, 2015


                                                    DRIVE SAFE – STAY SAFE

Everyday many people are involved in road accidents. Some are killed. Many more are injured or maimed. So it  is important for us to learn to use the roads properly and safely. No sane person would like to be involved in an accident. An enlightening informative session  on  “Traffic  Rules and Regulations ” was conducted at Witty International School on Friday 23rd January 2015 .Witty International School has always tried to create awareness of various topics through  workshops and seminars to guide the  students.
The growing number of  accidents in the city is a severe concern .  Witty International  School invited the experts from the  traffic police department to conduct a workshop on the  importance of obeying traffic rules. Experts explained various traffic rules and regulations during the seminar. They apprised the students of the road safety norms and also warned them that any negligence on road may cause serious road mishap. The traffic police have undertaken a drive  to educate people and create an awareness among them about traffic rules. Educating the  youngsters,  so that when they drive, they not only ensure their own safety but also the safety of others on the road was an important topic covered during the session.
One of the police officers enacted the role of Yamaraj, the God of Death.  He emphasised through this act , the agony and the pain that family members face when a dear one meets with an accident. Several videos on safe driving showcasing the importance of wearing helmets and seat belts was also shown to the students. The headmistress of the secondary section , Dr. Sabina Keshwani stated,  ” One may find stunts and driving fast, thrilling and exciting but it can lead to serious fatalities”.

The seminar was concluded by giving away a token of appreciation by the headmistress to the traffic police department. The students thoroughly enjoyed the programme and took a pledge that they would follow the traffic rules and regulations and they would also pass on this vital information to their family and friends.



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