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Monday, January 12, 2015

Healthy Baby Contest at Witty World

Witty World hosted a “HEALTHY BABY “ contest  on January 11th, &12th, 2015. What really set it apart was that, along with the regular parameters like, height & weight, children were exposed to activities to promote mental health, emotional health, physical health and intellectual health.
Pediatricians examined and observed the children before declaring winners. Children participated in activities like, ENJOY A BALL[for improving physical health] MUSIC AND MOVEMENT[for emotional health]
THINK RIGHT[ activities for brain development and Intellectual Health], I-ROBOKIDS[ Robotics, for intellectual health]  Bob the Builder corner [ Creative skills for good emotional health] and of course  games in the specially designed Kids Gym, for  promoting fine and gross motor development.

Doctors Meghna Sarvaiyya, and Dr. Chirag Shah,[who were on the judging panel] were very appreciative of  the efforts made by Witty International School , to promote overall health in children.



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