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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Show and Tell Activity (Space Presentation) at WIS, Udaipur

I dream of sailing out to space, upon a yacht of stars. With port holes all along the sides, I’d gaze amazed at Mars. With mast made strong with spider webs and sail of fluffy cloud. I’d watch the Earth go sweeping past, as out to space I ploughed. With stars in front and stars behind, and planets far and near. I’d sail my yacht around the rings of Saturn with cheer. And onward passing Jupiter, to watch the big red storm. Then far around its outer moons, and through an asteroid swarm. I dream of sailing out to space to catch a star or two. Exploring through the Universe and just take in the view.

Children of Sr.KG enjoyed Show and Tell Activity on Space Presentation. They brought scrapbook prepared on the things they would like to carry to space. They beautifully prepared the scrapbook by sticking pictures of electronic gadgets, food items, toys etc and by drawing the Solar System. Children enjoyed listening different things about the space shared by their peers. They enthusiastically participated in the activity.



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