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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Enriched outing to Suraj Water Park Secondary Section ( 2014-15 ) WIS, Malad.

                                          Enriched outing to SURAJ WATER PARK

Mumbai, February 21: Outings form a well earned break for at least a day. Hence the students of Grade VII of WIS Malad were taken for a picnic to Suraj Water Park – a complete break-a-away from the daily academic sessions.

As soon as the students reached the spot, most of them immediately disappeared out of sight in the park and others sauntered through, inhaling the fresh air. Their joy knew no bounds while the enthusiasm clearly demarcated the usual flow of regular school sessions. The colourful swimming costumes worn by the students did not leave a stone unturned to let them make the best of the water rides. Each ride had its own essence and was spell binding. An adrenaline rush along with unbeatable interest was the mark of the day. The students were all delighted to enjoy and mingle with each other.

As the day progressed swiftly, it was time for lunch and after a sumptuous meal it was another round of water rides. This time the students made the best of the time and enjoyed to the utmost. The rain dance made them sway to the tapping beats of music.

The day culminated with all satisfied heads and a contented picnic spirit. It sure kept at bay the mundane school activities for some time. All in all the fun and frolic characterised the day with immense rejoicing.



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