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Monday, February 9, 2015


Visual Learning at IIT-Bombay

Witty International School, Pawan Baug has firmly believed in integrating academic learning with virtual reality. To emphasis on this, the school recently took the students of Grade VIII and AS Level to a field visit to IIT-Bombay to simulate interest and motivation in the field of Science and Technology.
The students attended a presentation on the various projects undertaken by IIT-Bombay such as Team Pratham, Mars Society of India and Autonomous Underwater Vehicle, having a vision to contribute to the society and industry by making use of technology.
‘Pratham’ is the first satellite built by the IITians which will then be launched by Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) in less than three years. The Mars Society of India aims to build Rover prototypes to simulate human-machine interactions in future manned missions to Mars. The students were further exposed to the efforts of AUV-IITB where the team has built an underwater robot named Matsya 3.0 which can perform predefined tasks. The students display their skills in underwater robotics and build connections with industries working along similar verticals.
The students were then introduced to STAB (Students’ Technical Activity Body) where technical hands-on activities in the institute is promoted. STAB further consisted of various hobby clubs such as Electronics Club, Robotics Club, Web and Coding Club, Maths and Physics Club, Tinkerer’s Lab, Kritika: Astronomy Club and Aero modelling Club. Students were explained the features, programs and activities of each club. The main aim of STAB is to make technical knowledge present in IIT-Bombay to reach to wider mass around the globe.
Each student got an opportunity to visit each of these clubs to witness the actual use of technology. The functioning and goals of each club was explained to them.They were then taken to the campus grounds where they got to see the air show arranged for them. In the end the students were taken to the IITB Formula Racing. Here the students get a chance to work hands-on with automotive tech design, manufacture and race a vehicle. The team has designed several formula race cars till now such as Vayu, Prithvi 2, Agni and the latest being EVo 2.0.
Enthusiasm and excitement were written all over the face of each child. They were truly spellbound by the activities, innovations, ideas and the work of the students of IIT-Bombay. The children were also made aware of the vast educational as well as career options available to them.  The Principal Mr Bijo Kurian remarked, “The visit to IIT-Bombay has definitely been an engaging one. Our students were constantly exposed to the benefits of Science and Technology to the world. Interactive exhibits helped students play with concepts and activities often not possible in the classroom. We will continue exposing our children to such avenues outside the classroom to provide a first-hand experience of their theoretical learning.”



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