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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Introduction of bougainvillea flower (Nursery) on 10.02.2015, WIS, Bhilwara

Bougainvillea flower has leaves which are paper thin and heart shaped. They grow in bunches and have thin thorns on them. The flower itself is very small & greenish white but the petals are big and of different colors like pink, purple, white and orange. The Bougainvillea looks beautiful when it is grown as a creeper to cover a wall. The Little ones of Nursery were introduced to Bougainvillea flower on February 10, 2015 with the help of real Bougainvillea flowers and picture. The toddlers of Nursery stuck Bougainvillea flower petals on art sheet and painted leaves and thorns with thumb impression. The little angles could recognize the Bougainvillea flower through these fun filled activities.



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