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Monday, March 9, 2015

Introduction to Orange and Sweet Lime in Nursery(2014-15) at Witty World

Peel an Orange, Peel an Orange
Peel an Orange just now
Squeeze the Orange, Squeeze the Orange
Squeeze the Orange Just now
Peel a Sweet Lime, Peel a Sweet lime
Peel a Sweet Lime just now
Squeeze the Sweet Lime, Squeeze the Sweet Lime
Squeeze the Sweet Lime just now
Mix it all up, Mix it all up
Mix it all up just now
Stir it all up, stir it all up
Stir it all up just now
Drink it all up, Drink it all up
Drink it all up just now.

The children experienced first hand how Juice is prepared. Peeling the fruits and squeezing out the fresh juice with their own hands, was a fun activity for the children. The Teachers discussed the health value of  Orange and Sweet lime as the excited children drank the juice they had squeezed and shared it with their friends. The children were taught about both these fruits and their health benefits of the fruits while they were enjoying the experience of juicing these two fruits.



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