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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Talent Unlimited at WIS, Udaipur

Talent  need not always be present only in drawing or colouring . Each child is blessed with different qualities and talents, which can influence the development of optimism in children by providing both support and autonomy. In order to bring out the talent and uniqueness, the Talent Hunt Activity was held on 10th March 2015. Each child was given an excellent opportunity to participate and show his/her talent . Students of WIS were very enthusiastic and participated actively and exhibited their skill quite well. Students participated in a number of activities like chanting of Shlokas, singing songs, mimicry and energetic dance performance  on different songs . They won the admiration of the teacher. The  audience was  thrilled to see the performance of the children and gave a thundering applause . It was a pleasure to see Grade 1st  performing so well. 



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