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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Circle Day Celebration (Nursery) on 08.04.2015, WIS, BHILWARA

Make a circle, make a circle
Draw it in the sky.
Use your finger, use your finger
Make it round as a pie.
To  reinforce the concept of “Circle” ,children of Nursery enjoyed a lot of activities in their classroom on Wednesday, April 8' 2015. Teacher collected different circle shaped objects like a plate, a ball, a lid, a jar etc. to make children familiar with the shape.  Soft music was played and students were guided  to make Body Circles. The activity was done with the motive to encourage gentle flexible body movements of the children.  Further children relished the Circle shaped snacks which they brought in their lunch box.
The motto of the activities was fulfilled when the kids were able to identify many objects with circle shape.



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