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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Students of WIS Bhilwara enjoyed a field trip to a village ( 24.04.2015)

Field trips enable students to experience the theoretical concepts practically.They help a child to understand better and learn more. To make Wittians better learners WIS Bhilwara arranged a field trip to a nearby village, Paladi on Friday 24 April. Students of Grade 4 learnt about the different types of houses and the different materials used to make them. Students also compared the architecture and patterns of rural houses to modern houses and flats. They were overjoyed to see the long and large farms as playgrounds and temples as community centers.
Students saw Kuccha houses and tried to compare them with city houses, which are very strong. They learnt that houses made of mud are cooler than the houses made of cement.
Students witnessed the village women walking long distances to bring potable water and realized that water is very precious and should not be wasted. They learnt that the life in village is difficult and hard.  Students were able to distinguish the life of city and the life of village.
Overall they enjoyed the trip and experienced the lifestyle of village.Students were overwhelmed with the hospitality of villagers.
The trip was very productive as our students understood their lesson- ‘Different types of houses’ very well.

We extend our special thanks to Mr Shanker Suthar , Member of Panchayat Samiti, and all the villagers for their co operation and hospitality. 



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