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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Welcome to School

Welcome children, I’m glad you are here,
We’re all going to have a wonderful year,
 We’ll draw and we’ll write,
We’ll paint and we’ll build and learn new things each day.

Little Wittians of Pre – Primary were given a warm welcome to the school on first day. They enthusiastically came to their new class & met their peers and teachers. On the very first day, children enjoyed colouring,reciting rhymes and writing activities . They did certain promises for the upcoming year as…….as each day I’ll do my best & I won’t do any less. My work will always please me & I won’t accept to mess. I will color very carefully. My writing will be neat and I will not be happy till my work is complete. This is how the first day of the school passed away with joy, fun & a few promises.

If you teach a child to read, you have done your job. If you teach a child to love to read, you have changed their lives forever……………..



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