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Sunday, April 12, 2015

WIS Pawan Baug edutains at KidZania on 10th April, 2015

WIS Pawan Baug edutains at KidZania

“It’s better to see something and act than to hear about it a thousand times.” Every expedition made is an experience which leaves students pondering and implores them to think. Witty International School, Pawan Baug organized a fun filled educational trip for Wittians to KidZania, R City Mall, Ghatkopar. The students were enthusiastic and excited to visit the Edutainment Theme Park. The journey emulated the enthusiasm of the students. The venue, a huge place had special measures taken to facilitate easy and hassle-free entry inside the theme park. The students were also given a voucher of 50 Kidzos to be used for various activities inside the gaming zones and work stations.
 KidZania was themed as a child-sized replica of a real city, including buildings, shops and theaters, as well as vehicles and pedestrians moving along its streets. Wittians worked in branded activities from bottling Coca-Cola, working in a Crest-sponsored dentist office, working at a McDonalds restaurant, painting with Nerolac, washing hands with P&G's Safeguard soap, and using airline tickets .The children earned kidZos (KidZania's currency) while performing the tasks, and the money was kept in the KidZania bank for children to spend at the gift shop and on KidZania activities. Wittians wore electronic bracelets that allowed teachers to keep track of the students remotely. Through adult professions and hands-on exposures to the working world, students learnt about the fundamentals of financial literacy and how society functions. Through each activity kids discovered the value of creativity, team work and self-esteem. They learnt the value of independence, empowerment, and leadership and become aware of the benefits of involvement in their communities.
Wittians participated in performances, solved problems of urban infrastructure, designed fashion, navigated airplanes, reported news, performed detective work at K.Z.P.D i.e. KidZania Police Department and mastered their culinary skills by preparing delectable burgers and donuts.The journey back home was filled with wonderful memories and the skills attained to encounter the world realities.



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