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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Experimental Day Junior KG on May 1st ,2015 WKSN , Bhilwara

The Little inventors of Jr. KG at Witty Kids  Shastri Nagar , Bhilwara discovered their various senses of taste, smell, touch ,sight and hear on  May 1 2015. Teacher arranged various materials for the experimental day. GUSTATORY -Children were given various things  to taste of  same kind but have different taste  like potato and apple , salt and sugar .They were told that taste and smell work together . OLFACTORY- Children came to know about the sense of smell with  the help of water and vinegar which look same but taste  and smell different . Teacher did recap of sense of sight through practical examples. Children enjoyed clapping pattern activity, playing drums and heard various sounds and came to know about sense of hearing. Children enjoyed searching the place from where the fragrance is coming and tested their sense of smell. They also tested their sense of sight with the help of more experiments. Through all these activities children identified their various sense organs and their work.




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