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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Water Play (Pre Primary) on 21st to 30th April 2015, WIS, Bhilwara

Water play offers endless enjoyment to both adults and children of all ages, whether they are in a warm winter bath or a cool summer pool, most kids love water play. It's a different experience as children feel the water, hear the splashes and sprinkles, see the bubbles and waves, and may be even taste a few droplets. Water play activity days were organized for the Pre- Primary section from April 21 to April 30, 2015. It was a pleasure to watch the tiny tots splashing and screaming. Children were made to wear their swimming costumes and were taken to the mini pool. The objective of the water play was to develop their physical skills and advance their social and emotional skills. The children enthusiastically participated in the water play activity and enjoyed dancing with their friends. It was the fun filled time for the toddlers.



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