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Monday, June 29, 2015

International Yoga day Celebration Malad,WIS [2015-16]

Young Wittians celebrate International Yoga day.
 Yoga is a journey of self, to the self, through the self.”

On 21st of June 2015 ‘World Yoga day was celebrated all over the world.

Yoga is an ancient art which was originated in India around five thousand years ago. It is in India’s heritage. Yoga is a good practice if one does it in daily life. It helps to live a healthy and a better life forever. Yoga is a practice to bring our body parts together to bring a balance of body, mind and soul. We should let our kids know the benefit of Yoga as well as practice Yoga in their daily routine.

The aim of the ‘World Yoga day’ was to make people aware of the benefits of Yoga in the world.

24th June 2015, Wednesday, marked the celebration of International Day of Yoga for our  tiny Wittians.

Children were told about the importance of Yoga and a special Yoga session was conducted for them. Our Yoga teacher demonstrated the various Yogasans, which our tiny tots followed.
It turned out to be a very healthy day indeed.

Yoga is an art and a science of living, so lets all try to inculcate Yoga in our daily life.



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