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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Field Trip To Ice Cream Factory (Grade I & II) on 6.07.15 and 07.07.15, WIS Bhilwara

Can we imagine a world without field trips? That would be a world without education. Field trips connect students to real life and they cultivate education for the next generation of leaders. For promoting the same excellence, students of Grade I & II went on a Field Trip to an Ice Cream factory, where they learnt the procedure of making an ice cream in the factory. They observed how milk is pasteurized at 75 degree temperature.A mixture of milk, sugar, milk powder, cream, glucose was prepared. In Ageing Vat Machine the mixture was stored at 4 degree Celsius for 4 hours. Now, the mouth watering ice-creams are ready to move to ice-cream parlours .
Students were introduced to the ice-creams available in lucrative shapes like candies, cones and cups. As well as delicious flavours of family packs were introduced to students  as American Nuts , Kaju Draksh, Vanilla, Chocolate, Almond pista, Strawberry etc. It was an exciting an interesting trip for the students.
Thanks to the director of Fun Republic Ice Cream Factory and all the staff members for their support and cooperation.



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