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Friday, July 31, 2015

Field Trip to Post office Jr.KG [2015-16] WIS,Malad

A worthwhile visit to the Post Office

Write, write, write your cards,
And lots of letters, too.
I will bring them to your friends,
And they will write back soon.

Before the time of the internet, the telephone, or even the telegraph, mail communication was a primary way of contacting others in faraway places, when actually travelling there would have taken days, weeks, or months. Mail continues to be a primary way in which shared communication occurs over long distances. However, it has been largely supplanted by message services handled electronically (e-mail), rather than by hard copy, human-delivered postal systems. From the Pigeons to the Internet

So on 30th of July 2015, Thursday, our Jr. KG Wittians along with their teachers went to meet one of the most important community helper – The Postman and the Mail carriers . Children were enthusiastic as they all had a special letter to post to their parents. It was a handon experience for the children to see how a post office works and how the postman goes about delivering the letters.

The field trip came to a happy end with the children’s anticipating smiles about when their parents will receive their letters.



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