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Monday, July 20, 2015

National Junk Food Day observed at WIS,Bhilwara (20.07.14)

Uncle, Aunty, Mummy, Papa,
Sabko ye batlayege.
Saal me ak din aisa hoga.
Jab junk food hum khayege.
Gira, Gira  phir Khoob Pasina
Body Healthy Banayege,
Healthy hoga tann, Swasth hoga mann…
This beautifully created song was sung by the students of Grade IV-B, to celebrate National Ice cream and Junk Food Day. This year students of WIS Bhilwara have observed this day in a different manner. Through a parody students have shown a fight between junk and healthy food. They conveyed a message that although healthy food is important for us but Junk Food day is the day when we all can have our favorite junk food. Students focused on the fact that eating junk food in excess is injurious to our health. But if we have it once a month, we all can enjoy junk food as well as healthy food by doing regular exercise.  



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