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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Witty International presents Les films- Frenchinéma

Witty International presents Les films- Frenchinéma – the French film festival which delivers a wakeup call on learning and comprehending the culture of France through French films.
Witty International School believes in fascinating, inspiring and educating students, through films to help them become global citizens. 

French films present a language in a compelling visual narrative and they have the potential to open the minds of the students to the world around them. We aim to show the one of the best films internationally acclaimed for children. 

As we commenced with Le petit Nicolas ,a classic French children's character created by the Asterix writer René Goscinny the Wittians  surrendered themselves to the cinematic experience; in other words, got totally immersed in the characters and enjoyed the film. 

The film takes the adult world and filters it through the more simplistic and imaginative eyes of a young boy, Nicolas. Here Nicolas, through a series of misunderstandings, believes his parents are planning to supplant him with a new baby brother, he rallies his friends in a series of unusual plans to make sure this doesn't happen. It presents a gently humorous, beautifully shot idyllic version of childhood, all blue skies, good manners and not a hair out of place.

The success of the film lies in its unique story. Instead of being a third person to tell the story of Nicolas, Goscinny has let his main character be the story-teller to describe his life: a combination of different adventures from school to home. From the arguments between him with his friends about their dreams ,they have thoroughly reflected an egocentric but naive point of view.
Throughout the film, we can recognize the humour which lies in every line and every story. Above all, the film reminds viewers of their childhood, when we are free to do everything and brave to think of everything.



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