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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Field trip to HDFC Bank- Primary Section- Grade III and IV (WIS - Pawan Baug)

Witty International School aims at giving students an excellent academic education, balanced by a broad, relevant curriculum and a whole range of opportunities to get involved in school life beyond the classroom. The students of Grade III and IV participated in SMILE, a Fun Banking Workshop for children, held by HDFC Bank, Malad (W) on 13th and 14th August, 2014.

“‘Why do I have to learn Math?’ is a question every parent and school teacher has heard more times than they can count over the years. This trip to HDFC Bank was an attempt to show students how math skills apply to everyday life and work when they grow up.

They attended a presentation on the Barter System, bank’s role and functions, saving, budgeting, how to open a new account and also to manage a bank account. Students were taken around to see various sections of the bank such as the Teller counters, locker room, ATM and the administrative department. Curiosities of the students were answered by the staff members, who enjoyed conversing at their level.

It was indeed a very informative and an exciting trip. All the students were awarded with Certificate of Participation and chocolates.



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