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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Nursery Field Trip to Tangent furniture showroom. [2015-2016]

Wheels of the bus go round and round,
All the way to the furniture mall.
Babies in the bus say yeh.. yeh.. yeh..
All the way to the furniture mall.
Teachers in the bus say sshhh…sshhh…sshh..
All the way to the furniture mall.

Field trips are loads of fun but they are also a superb learning experience for the children. The theme of the month being “My Home”, the little Wittians of the Nursery section paid a visit to the multi storey furniture mall, tangent, on the 19th August 2015, Wednesday. The children were shown a variety of things they use at home like sofas, dining tables, etc. The children enjoyed the fun filled learning experience.



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