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Monday, August 17, 2015

Primary Section Field Trip To Diagnostic Grade V (2015-16) WIS , Malad.

 Diagnostics - A guide to human body.

The use of diagnostic tests is a crucial aspect of clinical practice as they assist clinicians to gather clinical information and detection of a disease. Modern medicine and technology seem inseparable. Accurate pathology diagnosis is essential to ensure the most effective treatment. 

As practical learning is most essential for learning to happen, a field trip was arranged for the students of grade V to N.M. Diagnostic and Medical Centre where the students experienced practical use of Science and Technology in the medical field.

Students gained information on the use of different types of monitoring equipments, modern methods of scanning and imaging, sophisticated computers and infrared cameras used for obtaining high-resolution images. Students showed a lot of enthusiasm enquiring about the working of the different equipments. Some students also experienced a practical demonstration of the CT Scan. Overall it was a splendid learning experience for our Wittians.



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