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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Show & Tell by Sr.Kg Section at Witty World (2015-16)

Look it’s a bus

Climb aboard, you can ride with us.

Let’s get on a plane;

Don’t stand out in the wind and rain.

But I want to use a boat;

As the  water’s too cold to swim or float.

I’ll just ride a bike;

It’s way too far to walk or hike.

For the theme of wheels and wings, Sr. Kg. students took to the little podium today 

where they spoke about the various modes of transport and its uses as part of their 

Show and Tell activity.

Their little voices filled the mini auditorium as the children enjoyed speaking about their 

favourite transport toy. They also got a  hands on feel of being on stage and speaking on 

the mike. It was quite a confidence building activity for the children and a creative way of 

re enforcing the concept as well.



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