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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Dress Me Up - Community Helpers in Sr.Kg (2015-16) at Witty World

Doctor helps when down with flu,
Teacher teaches reading and writing too.
Fire fighter fights fire that might harm you,
Police officer helps us stay safe in all that we do.

Grocer helps in buying things for food,

Carpenter makes lovely things from wood,
Dentists check whether your teeth are good.
Postman, Painter, Baker and Hair dresser;
All these community helpers make our lives easier!!!

On Tuesday, 29th September, 2015, Witty World saw a parade of teachers, bakers, doctors, fire fighters and other community helpers, as Sr. KG children participated in a culminating activity for the theme of the week- Community Helpers. All the children were dressed up as their favourite and desired community helper. They were enthusiastic and confidently showcased their talents on stage. Each child either sang a song or spoke a few lines on their respective community helper and the others joined in. Children received cheers and encouragement from their fellow mates which boosted their confidence and helped those with stage fright overcome it. They thoroughly enjoyed using the child size Witty podium to enhance their presentation. It was role play at its best indeed!



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