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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Introduction to Square Shape PG [2015-16] WIS,MALAD

                                                                    Square Day 
I am a square, a lovely square,
I have four sides, they’re all same,
I have four corners, four lovely corners,
I am a square, and that’s my name.

Preschool shape activities help’s a child develop early math skills. These shape activities for preschoolers encourages a child to identify shapes in real life and will get them excited about the shapes that surround them every day.

On Wednesday, 16 September 2015, Playgroup children of Witty Kids were introduced to a new shape “Square”. As a part of the introduction "Square Head George" had come to visit the little Wittians with his Square Shaped Pillow, Napkin, Clock, and Cookies. The class was decorated with square shape objects. Children were encouraged to count the sides of the square. Children did square shape sponge dabbing activity. To reinforce the shape children were asked to find the square shaped objects in the class. Children enjoyed the "Square Day Celebration" along with Square Head George.





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