Witty World

Friday, September 4, 2015

Pre - primary section celebrated Janmashtami at Witty World (2015-16)

Maakhan khave,
Shor machave,
Gopiyon ke sang Raas rachave,

Murli bajake Mann harshave hai Natkhat Nand Gopal..

The little Wittians at Witty World celebrated the festival of Janmashtami on 4th September, 2015. They came dressed as pretty little Radhas and charming Krishnas, as they weaved their innocent magic. The whole school wore a festive look, to add to the excitement.
The auditorium at Witty World was tastefully decorated with colourful flowers, a decorated Matki as well a beautiful cradle of baby lord Krishna. The exciting journey of lord Krishna from his birth place Mathura, to his fun –filled youthful escapades in Gokul, was portrayed  through an entertaining skit performed by the teacher trainees of WITT(Witty Institute of Teacher Training),.Age appropriate take away activities further enhanced the experience.
The mood at Wiity World was definitely upbeat and merry as little Radhas and Krishnas danced and celebrated with joy.



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