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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Introduced Monkey and Gorilla (Nursery) on 7.10.2015, WIS, Bhilwara

The little buddies of Nursery were introduced to wild animal – “Gorilla and Monkey” on 7 Oct. 2015.
Gorilla is more hairy and bigger than a monkey. Monkey and Gorilla have two eyes, one nose, two arms and two legs. They have teeth almost like us. They take care of their babies just as your mummies take care of you. Monkeys like to eat bananas and nuts and live in trees with their families. The little buddies brought the bananas with them and enjoyed the yummy fruit. The little buddies saw the story of “Monkey and the cap seller” and they also enjoyed the story time. Through this activity, they could recognize the wild animals- " Gorilla and Monkey'.



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