Witty World

Friday, October 30, 2015

Sr.KG Field Trip - Witty World (2015-16)

On Friday 30th October, SR. Kg. children of Witty World were taken for an edutainment event --- “My Animal World”.
 The children were pleasantly amazed to find themselves  amongst a host of live ,exotic, colourful birds like the African grey parrot, magnificient  Macaws, budgies and parrots. Next up was a live experience of a farm life where the children enjoyed feeding the cows and goats as well as playing with some colourful chicks.
They then  proceeded to be a part of the aqua world where they saw different fishes, and artificial sea animals .It was a delight for the children to enter the snow world where they got to see how the penguins and other birds live in their natural habitat. The children also experienced the jungle world where they saw artificial animals and birds perched in their natural habitat.

It was indeed experiential learning  for the children.



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