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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Witty Township and Jharoka, Witty World (2015-16)

Welcome to our WITTY TOWNSHIP….
Where you can….
shop a little, bake a little,
and make your treat.
Hop a little, drive a little,
down our Witty Streets.
Bend a little, stretch a little,
In our Witty Gym.
And Read a little, dance a little,
Then watch a fun-filled film.
At Witty International, the focus has always been on  the child being an active learner rather than being a mere passive observer. The curriculum is based on supporting the child’s need to explore, and hence emphasises on creating a rich and stimulating environment in which the child is free to play, learn and discover. In keeping with this philosophy of, “DISCOVERY WITH ACTION”, WITTY WORLD hosted an edutainment event, “WITTY TOWNSHIP” on the 10th and 11th of October, 2015.
WITTY TOWNSHIP was envisaged as a magical, child-size, integrated township where children could get a firsthand experience of the various aspects of community living. This” exclusively for children” township was spread across all 14,200 square feet of the school. Parents and family too were a part of their child’s exploratory learning and enjoyed the experience of watching  children learn basic traffic rules while driving on a traffic island created for them, shopping for dairy products at the WITTY DAIRY, buying and decorating their own muffins at WITTY BISTRO and getting entertained at The WITTY AMUSEMENT ZONE. The WITTY CENTRE FOR ART AND CULTURE gave each child the perfect platform to bring alive the inherent artist!!! The Kids Gym area in the school hosted a wellness club which focused on overall fitness and actually certified the kids as being fit and fine!! A lively session of aerobics in the school’s Multi Activity Studio was enjoyed by children and parents alike, and the sound of laughter from the Laughter club filled the hallways of the school!!The proverbial icing on the cake was the screening of the evergreen THREE LITTLE PIGS, in the school’s mini auditorium.
That’s not all! Keeping the festive month of October in mind, a festive element to this event was added with “JHAROKHA” –an art and craft exhibition cum sale of products crafted by the students of Jr. KG and Sr. KG .  The children, guided by their teachers, had over a period of 3 weeks enjoyed the creative processes involved in the making of an array of decorative, utility, and festive products. Children looked on with pride as their parents bought products made by them, the proceeds of which  will be donated to a charitable cause.
It was a weekend well spent for the children and their parents!!!



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