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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Cinematics Seondary Section WIS, Malad (2015-16)


Mumbai, December 12: Christmas brings joy to the world. To celebrate this festive occasion, Witty international school organized a buddy movie show for the Wittians along with their buddies so that the students will enjoy the movie with their buddies who are non-Wittians.   

Witty International School recently decided to show a movie “Jingle All The Way” to 6th grade students on Saturday 12th December, 2015 as the students now-a-days are fond of watching movies. After viewing a film, students often have strong opinions about what they want to discuss. There were in all 104 Wittians and each one of them had a buddy accompanying them. Hence, the total count of students including the buddies was 208. The students were bifurcated into two slots.

The idea of organizing such an event was worth a while as the students not only enjoyed but also children nearly got a practical view of what compromises their parents do for them leaving behind their wishes and desires. The movie also gave the buddies a great exposure in terms of learning, experiencing, visiting a new place other than theirs. The overall event had a great impact on children which was full of enjoying, caring, sharing and learning all along with their friends.



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