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Monday, February 1, 2016

Final Round Of Debate Competition

The debate emphatically aimed at helping our students to appreciate the ‘pros and cons’ of some practices among them that can debilitate their intended goals. Therefore, the debate was contested among the different houses in WIS with great enthusiasm.
The highlight of the debate was the rebuttal round. Each participant asked the opponent a question on the matter presented by those contestants. The debate competition came alive as a volley of questions was answered, inviting more questions which got further answers from both sides. Each participant rose to the occasion to defend their argument.  Some of the participants heatedly spoke against the speakers for the motion defending their sides with fervour, while others countered the arguments of speakers against the motion. 
The format of the debate was a bit different as the day witnessed the Final Round of Debate Competition wherein junior group of all the three finalist houses Sapphire, Emerald and Topaz had to debate on the topic “Advertisements creates Artificial needs” and the senior group of Sapphire, Topaz and Ruby House exhibited their debating skills on the topic “Today in our Global Society, if young people go abroad to study or to seek jobs they cannot be termed unpatriotic”.

In Junior Group of Grade 5 – 6 Sapphire House stood First, Emerald House Second and Topaz House Third. In Senior Group of Grade 7-8 Sapphire House took away the first position, Ruby House stood Second and Topaz House Third. Aryan Singh from Topaz House took away the best speaker award.



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