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Friday, February 26, 2016

" Show & Tell Activity - Nest " celebrated by Jr. KG at Witty World, BN [ 2015-16 ]

Show and tell Activity- Nest

Up up on the trees building a place to rest
Searching for twigs, hay and leaves, to build their lovely nests.
Eggs then laid in cozily to receive the love and warmth.
The young ones hatched and chirping now
Beneath the wings of their motherly love.

As an extension of their theme of the month, children of Jr.KG Witty World enjoyed a show and tell activity. Each child brought a bird nest along, and spoke a few lines about it. The auditorium witnessed many well prepared lines and poems on the beautifully made nests that children had brought. Meanwhile, the other children cheered and applauded for their classmates, motivating each other to give their best.

Apart from fostering a sense of belonging with nature, the show and tell activity was also great for building confidence and eliminating stage fear.



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