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Friday, March 4, 2016

Eyes are the windows of the soul.

Good vision is vital for a child who is still learning and growing. Detecting and correcting vision problems early allow your child’s learning ability to be unhindered. Keeping this paradigm in focus, Witty International School, Udaipur organized an eye checkup camp from 1 – 3rd March 2016 for Grade 1 to Grade 8. The objective of this camp was to spread awareness on eye disorders, their early detection and to detect refractive errors and eye ailments among school children. The camp was organized in collaboration with Vasan Eye Care and overall 450 children were screened.
Optometrist Ms.Nikki Thakur addressed the students and gave them important tips to take care of the eyes like not to watch T.V., not to use Computer for a  long time, not to play with sharp objects, to avoid junk food, and to read in proper light. The school Principal Ms Shubha Govil thanked the Vasan Eye Care team and advised the students to eat green vegetables, fruits, salads etc and to look after their eyes properly as eyes are the gift of God.



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