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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Poem Enactment One two buckle my shoe Nursery Section WIS,MALAD (2015-16)

                                                       Poem Enactment 

One, two,
Buckle my shoe;
Three, four,
Shut the door;
Five, six,
Pick up the sticks;
Seven, eight,
Lay them straight:
Nine, ten,
A big, fat hen.
Hearing and joining in with familiar songs, rhymes and jingles can be a fun activity which helps children to tune into the rhythms and sounds of a language and hear its distinctive tune. Awareness of rhyme in young children has also been linked to progress in reading later on. Keeping this motive in mind Rhyme Enactment of the rhyme 'One, two, Buckle my shoe' was held in Nursery section at Witty Kids on Tuesday, 22 March 2016. All the children participated in this enactment, some being numbers and some being the objects. They were really excited to recreate this rhyme that they knew so well and they were so excited to play the various parts.



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