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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Women are the real architects of society........ Women’s Day celebrated at W.I.S, Bhilwara (08.03.16)

If life is a rainbow,
You are the different colours of it.
If life is dark,
You are the hope of life.

These lines were proved on the occasion of Women’s Day, when students of W.I.S, Bhilwara took the oath to contribute their bit towards improving the lives of females in India. The celebration started with slogans to reveal about the fact that if we have to become developed, leaving behind the tag of developing country than it is very important to take women into mainstream. In order to understand the role of women in society and its socio economic development, students presented a Hindi play. The play helped the students to know that women are the fountain of wisdom and endurance who can achieve anything with their talents and sheer dedication. The celebration was followed by a beautiful and inspirational song sung by the students to pay respect and homage to the contribution of women in our lives. The celebration was informative and fun.



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