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Monday, April 11, 2016

An Enchanting day at Efteling

Today the Wittians along with the Danish and Dutch students had a fun filled day at Efteling  a fantasy-themed amusement park in Kaatsheuvel in the Netherlands. If you ever want to feel like being in a cartoon or a fairy-tale, surrounded by all of your favorite childhood characters from books your parents used to read you before you fell asleep, you should definitely put Efteling on your bucket list. It is a magical place where all your childhood wishes come true, in just one day. The attractions were based on elements from ancient legends, fairy tales, fables, and folklore.

The level of excitement and adrenaline was pretty high amongst the Wittians that day as they enjoyed a great mixture of roller- coasters, canoeing and fairy-type stalls. They enjoyed strolling though the Fairytale Forest and seeing Snow White and many other fairy tale characters.  For lunch students enjoyed Fries and Mayonnaise which is a typical Dutch food.

Roller- coasters were the most favorite rides for the students.  Although some were super scared and kept their eyes closed during the ride, they still enjoyed it a lot and there was nothing more exciting that going up and down in the air like crazy! The final one hour was the best. The students witnessed an extraordinary performance of few young Dutch actors and actresses riding their horses and fighting with their swords at Raveleijn.  The special effects (fire-breathing dragon and adventurous music) made the performance even more fantastic and exciting.

So overall it was an enchanting experience for the students in Efteling where fairy tales came alive…



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