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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

English Handwriting Competition held at WIS, Bhilwara (13.04.16)

Jotting down a shopping list, writing a birthday card, taking down a phone message, completing a form at the bank ….handwriting is part of our daily lives. It is on show to others and may be used to make judgments about us. In recent years, modern technology has dramatically changed the way we communicate through writing. However, despite the increased use of computers for writing, the skill of handwriting remains important in education, employment and in everyday life. Thus, handwriting with pen and paper still has an important role from early childhood.

Keeping the importance of good handwriting in mind the first competition of the session 2016-17 for the students of Primary Section was held in the school i.e. English Handwriting Competition.The criteria for judgment were taken as formation of letters, spacing of letters, no omission of letters, spellings and overall presentation. All the students participated with great zeal and enthusiasm in the competition.



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