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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Celebration of "Square Day" by Nursery Section ( 2016-17), at Witty World, BN

“I am a Square, a lovely Square,I have four sides; they're all the same,I have four corners, four lovely corners,I am a Square, that is my name!"

On Monday, 4thJuly,2016, Nursery section celebrated ‘Square day’.The class was decorated with square shape mobiles. Teacher introduced the square shape with the help of a story and by showing them different square shape objects.

 As a part of the introduction "Square Head George" had come to visit the little Wittians with his Square shaped pillow, napkin, clock, and cookies. Children were encouraged to count the sides of the square. To reinforce the shape children were asked to find the square shaped objects in the class. Children enjoyed the "Square Day Celebration" along with Square Head George.

During tiffin time, teacher discussed about the square shape snacks brought by the children in their tiffin.With the help of all above activities, we could reinforce square shape in the child's mind.



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